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We are open…sorta


Um so now we have two domains one, here and one , Here
And I need specific views for that. So keep on viewing the new and the old one!!! Mor of the new one though



I think that’s how you spell that…So as you can see from the title the blog is closing until further notice…might be never but I have a lot of things going on in my life right now so I’ll try to keep the blog going the best I can ­čÖé GM OUT

P.s. Just so you know I’m working on a program for windows right now!

Help Wanted!!!

the staff page is up and running!!! go check it out I need some help!

P.s. i know i haven’t been posting the latest PCB posts it’s just that i can’t because of school and the lack of time…


Weekly What???

Some of you have seen our new Weekly What page and i know it used to be daily but i don’ t have that kinda time. ┬áThe first one has been posted go on and check it out!


Wild West and Disco…Um….

Take a look at this

Saddle up for Wild West Island!

It’s official: Your next Poptropica adventure is Wild West Island. You can get a sneak preview of Wild West Island right now!

Head on over to Poptropica and access your travel map to find the Wild West preview, just below Shark Tooth Island.

In the preview, you’ll have to lasso several cows and return them to the ranch. Do so within the time limit and you’ll win a special prize! There will be a new prize available every couple of days, so be sure to check back often.

And there’s a special prize only for Poptropica Members! Just return all the cattle within the time limit to claim your Members-only Wild West Hero outfit.

We’ll have a lot more information about Wild West Island very soon. Enjoy the sneak preview!

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Whoa, i think that one might take a while…

New in the Poptropica Store: Disco Queen and King costumes

Just released to the Poptropica Store are two new costumes: Disco Queen, for girls, and Disco King, for boys.

These outfits don’t just look snazzy. Press the spacebar when you’ve got them on, and your Poptropican will bust a move.

Let’s see some dance parties in those common rooms this weekend!

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Personally┬ái wouldn’t try to get that, and i wouldn’t dare go on wild west island like that. I might get some evil eyes.

1st PCB Post (On this Blog)

UFO Joe a-go-go
With all the hubbub surrounding Cryptids Island, don’t forget about the action every day in the Daily Pop. In the games section, the competition on the high score lists is as intense as ever. Here are your current leaderboards for UFO Joe:

Calm Star put up a solid 38,180 points today to take the top spot for both the day and the week so far, but that’s nothing compared to…

Purple Ant, whose score of 50,800 keeps him at the top of the heap.

There’s only one week left in January for somebody to grab the top spot from Purple Ant! Are you up to the challenge?


Wow, I probably could never beat that meanwhile i am working on two, 2 new pages on the blog.

One is : Daily What??? : The “Random” page on the blog where i or any future staff will post a daily thing that is off or on topic about poptropica.

Second Is : the staff page

for More Information on future updates on the blog please see the Construction Page.



This post is about When, and how i will post on this blog.

UPDATED 1-30-11!


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